"Dealing with Anger" / "Nonviolent repartee"

Target group

All people who already have basic knowledge in nonviolent communication (e.g. who have attended an introductory seminar).


This seminar will deal with two topics:

Dealing with anger
When I get angry, there's an unfulfilled need behind it.

    - How do I recognize the underlying need?
    - How do I find a way to channel the energy of anger in a helpful direction?
    - What does anger tell me about me?

Nonviolent repartee
How can I react to sentences that I interpret as impertinent or impertinent?

    - How can I succeed in responding spontaneously?
    - Do I get the conversation at eye level after a verbal attack?
    - Is there a goal-oriented way out of the possibly arising conflict towards a consensus?


The seminar is a mixture of presentation, group work, practical exercises and self-awareness. In addition to imparting knowledge, I attach great importance to the joy of learning and a trusting and relaxed atmosphere.

Organizational details

1 day, Sat 09:30 - 18:30

The participation fee is 95,- €